Powder Blue Scrunch Shapeware

$79.00 USD

Our women's workout onesie is a uniquely stylish, and yet still comfortable, piece that is perfect for any workout. The scrunch around the back of the waist enhances your backside, while the sexy cutout feature on the back adds a touch of sensual flair- whether you’re working out or casually running around town. 

The fabric is buttery smooth, and designed to keep you feeling perfectly comfy during even the most intense workouts (with a compression fit to help with muscle recovery). Plus, the onesie is available in a variety of colors to flatter every one of our workout sisters.

Here are some of our favorite things about our new workout onesie:

- Designed to be comfortable and flattering
Made of a breathable material that keeps you cool and dry
Available in a variety of colors to suit every style
Ideal for any type of workout, from running to yoga
Made to showcase every body type

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